PacXon is basically a strategy game for the children which implies both fun and implementation of brains. What you have to do is to fill empty space and capture the ghosts by building walls. If you can fill 75% or more of the space, you can move on to the next level. You have to keep in mind the ghosts, because if they catch you, you will loose one life.

There are various power-ups in the game such as yellow glowing fruit which will give you the power to eat the ghosts and they will beware of you. The red berries will allow you to move faster. The bananas will make the ghosts move slower and the ice-cream will make the ghosts stop moving for a while. This is an excellent game for developing the intellectual power of the children who will learn to form strategies how to complete each stage. The more you play the more it will sharpen the analytical skills and you will learn tactics that will help you to complete each stage. Although this a strategically game, but it gives lot of refreshment and excitement. Children and young alike can get the same amount of pleasure from this game of “PacXon”

PacXon is a hybrid flash game built on two existing game concepts - Pac-man and Xonix. But, no complaint as it is interesting, funny, and exciting to play.

PacXon requires the gamer to keep condensing the game area until he/she have all the ghosts trapped inside a small enough space. As the player fills 75% or more space, the game advances to the next level, and now the gamer may have to deal with ghosts that skim the edges, eat away the covered area, and those move inside the covered area.

Overall, it is decently engaging, and would be ideal if to play between work breaks.

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